The Young Contemporaries 17 are a collective originating from Chesterfield College students and West Studios Start Up Tenants. They came together in 2017 to plan, curate and set up their own professional contemporary exhibition apart of Derbyshire Open Arts 2017.


Edd Roberts, L3 Art&Design

Installation work providing the participant a stimulus free utopia

future plans: Going on to Foundation Art at Chesterfield College

Sharon Maycock, Foundation Art

Series of prints reflecting on depression

Future Plans: Going on to Nottingham Trent Uni to study Fine Art

 Hannah Carter, L3 Art&Design

installation work demonstration artist relationship with words

future plans: Going on to study Foundation Art at Chesterfield College

Andy Chan, Foundation Art & Design

Street Photography series

Future plans: Going onto start his own business in design

James Hewins, Foundation Art

mixed media collection of film, sculpture and paint

future plans: Going on to Southampton Uni to study Fine Art

 Shaun Hardwicke, Foundation Art

street Photography series

future plans: Going on to Derby Uni

Iona Schwalowsky-Monks, Foundation Art

Generation Z, documenting youth culture in a raw and honest way through etchings

future plans: Going on to Manchester Uni to study Fine Art

sparky ink west studios

Beth Cartwright

a series of personified ceramic animals with handmade accessories

Isobel Wallace, L3 yr 1 Art&Design

Sculptural chandelier made from undyed string and clear acrylic

future plans: Continuing on to Year 2 of Art and Design Level3 at Chesterfield College

Rosie Perrett

homeware series inspired by the sea

Jordanna Farrimond, Foundation Art&Design

2D Large scale prints

Future plans: Taking on her own studio to practice as a professional artist

April Spence

showcase of newly launched sustainable womenswear label, blue oxen