Digital Marketing Hints & Tips - Email Marketing

Each month, I will be covering a digital marketing topic to help with our online communication and let you take your business to the next social level. This month, I have looked at the digital aspect of direct marketing - Email Marketing.

Building a reliable online database is hard for any business – especially a small creative business. How do you go about doing this? You can retain customers by asking if they would like to be part of a mailing list. If you’re just starting your mailing list then you could give out offers to get people interested.

Get creative with your campaigns, don’t use plain text emails – these are boring and will often be dismissed. Use pictures, links and a good layout to ensure it captures the reader’s attention and they don’t click off of it or delete it.

Plan your content. Want do you want to say? Is this best displayed in words or visually – or both? Does the current layout fit with this campaign? Consider what you need to say vs how the campaign looks. Is it effective?

If you want to know more, I run monthly workshops for £15 from West Studios, topics and dates can be found in the What's On section of the website. Additionally I run tailored one-to-one sessions at £25 applying topics directly to your platforms.