How we work with Chesterfield College Students

One of West Studios aims is to offer Chesterfield College students a platform to showcase their work to a professional and commerical market they would not normally have access to.

During this academic year, West Studios has been creating exhibition and event opportunities for students to gain experience in planning, curating and providing explainations of their work. This change of purpose for creating work to present an idea, rather than acheive a grade has been a positive one for the students confidence and our understanding on how we can continue to support them.

Our latest event, the Young Contemporaries 17 for Derbyshire Open Arts, was a brilliant excerise and learning curve for us all. The final exhibition produced was one of our most exciting yet! As these Young Contemporaries now prepare for the Final Major Project Exhibitions, within their end of year Arts Festival, we have been reflecting on the weekend and work produced.

This is not the last you will see of these artists! We wish them the greatest luck and thanks for all the hard work put in to create such a brilliant exhibition. And we now invite you to look forward with us to the Young Contemporaries 18!