Digital Marketing - Understanding Online PR

Firstly we need to understand what PR (Public Relations) is. PR is about communicating with the public and media and telling them your story. The rules for having a good PR system has remained the same for years - get noticed and picked up by media outlets and present your story to the the right people at the right time.

The major change to PR is that everything is now digital and this changes everything. With the growth of media consumption from the public, through the popularity of social media, online forums and mobile devices, the average person will see around 5,000 branded messages per day. This makes it harder than ever to get your message across to the right people and for them to pay attention. However if done correctly online PR is a huge advantage to any business and can allow your online reach to grow significantly.

They are many factors to consider for your online PR such as, what story are you putting across, the target audience you want to reach, how will you reach them and more!

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