What Makes This Creative Project Tick...

One of the best things about building a space like West Studios is seeing a strong group with a positive common purpose form from nothing. 

Every Thursday, for the last 2 years, a growing group of people come together and sing together. They have formed a brilliant group of voices that sound beautiful together but also support each other and care for each other like a family. They are not exclusive though, they are welcoming and always wanting to grow their group and find new places within the town to perform.

Originally started by one of our founding tenants, Qdos Creates, the choir has been something Artistic Director, Anjie Taylor has been very passionate about and has been organising various funding bids to keep this group of people singing together.
To see what they are all about, the choir’s next performance is on Saturday 19th August at St Leonard’s Mission Room, Valley Road, Chesterfield for Cemetery Day in Spital Cemetery.

The choir are as much a part of West Studios and what makes our creative project tick as any of the tenants and businesses connected to space! We are always on the lookout for sponsorship or funding opportunities to keep this group together. Please contact us if you have or know of any such opportunities.