Decades Apart Exhibition

Ahead of the forthcoming exhibition, we had a little chat with Antonia Stanford about the inter-generational showing of ’Decades Apart’ beginning on Monday 8th October.

Kite Surfers, Hoek van Holland by Kate Caine

Kite Surfers, Hoek van Holland by Kate Caine

What is your background/the background of your group?

Every one exhibiting is one of three generations of the extended Stanford family. Some are professional artists, one with an Art degree and one working professionally with wood. Paper, pencils and paint, and cameras have always been part of family holidays. This is the group’s first collective exhibition.

What is the name of the exhibition?

Decades Apart.

What materials have you used to create the work in the exhibition?

Antonia Stanford’s quilts are hand dyed and machine and hand quilted.

Emily Collis works in mixed media including textile, stitch and wire.

Kate Caine works in pastels.

Alistair Collis works in wood.

Chris Caine, Michael and Jessica Stanford are photographers.

The third generation has worked in pen, pencil and paper.

Cubed 3 by Emily Collis

Cubed 3 by Emily Collis

What is the theme for the exhibition/What have you taken inspiration from to create this exhibition?

Antonia Stanford takes inspiration from her garden especially her apple trees.

Emily Collis has always loved the colours and textures found in nature and the formality of arranging objects in grids.  She has combined photography with textiles, layered with stitch, print, wire and objects from nature.

Kate Caine works from life and is interested in what moves in and out of frame, altering as the light and tides change.

Alistair Collis has worked with wood for over 25 years. Using pieces, which would otherwise be discarded, he has created a series of quirky, unique buildings.

Chris Caine is displaying a selection of images chosen for their clear form, precise detail and interesting light.

Michael Stanford has walked in many places and always takes his camera with him. These photographs are all taken in Derbyshire .

Jessica Stanford lives and works in Nepal. She takes the opportunity to travel extensively in the region. In one work she captures the excitement of trekking in the High Himalayas, in the next The  Colours of Cambodia.


What made you chose West Studios when deciding where you should exhibit your work?

Antonia has been part of a group exhibition held there by the Embroiderers’ Guild so already know that we like the nice spaces to display work in, plus the fact that it is local was a bonus.

Peacock Butterfly on Echinacea by Chris Caine

Peacock Butterfly on Echinacea by Chris Caine

I, for one, am very interested to see how each member of this extended family defines their own artistic identity yet comes together as an artistic whole. Let’s see!

‘Decades Apart’ is showing from Monday 6th October until 24th October 2018.