Get festive and creative making 'Christmassy' things at our Craft Workshop!

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Let your creative juices flow on the build up to Christmas, at our Christmas Craft Workshop event on Saturday 1st of December.

Introducing Deborah Langner, one of the artists taking part…


In her everyday work Deborah uses a technique called sgraffito to draw onto the clay to make some amazing bowels, plates and tiles. Find more information about Deborah’s Christmas workshop in at the bottom of this blog.

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Deborah says about her workshop:

“My workshop will give you the opportunity to paint some handmade festive ceramic decorations. There’s a variety of decorations to chose from on the day, that will have been fired to make them stronger.

Decorations will cost £5 each.”

Tomorrow we will be introducing our final workshop host Sparky Ink Studio.