Spring Creative Courses

Have you ever fancied taking up a new hobby? Learning a new skill? Satisfying those creative urges now that spring is upon us? A new endeavour for a new season!

We have ceramics courses; for the newbie or the more advanced potter, we have lino printing, silversmithing, photography and photoshop courses. Something for pretty much everyone.

Introduction: Working With Clay

Our 'Introduction: Working With Clay' course starts on Thursday 12th April 2018 from 1pm - 4pm, every Thursday. It is a new and exciting way to introduce adult learners to a broad range of pottery techniques and suitable for both beginners and those looking to improve their skills. With access to our excellent pottery department, you'll be able to use potter's wheels, separate glazing and kiln room; we also have a Raku kiln which will enable you to experience this unique firing technique. 

During your final week of the course, you'll get the opportunity to take part in a small exhibition within a professional gallery space - invite all your family and friends to see how amazing your work is!

ceramics print ready -1.jpg

If you've already had a spin on a potter's wheel and would like to improve your skills we also have the Advanced Ceramic Techniques course starting on Monday 9th April 2018 at 6pm - 9pm, every Monday.

During these 7 weeks, you'll study in our well-equipped studio with access to a glazing and kiln room, and a Raku kiln which will allow you to practice unique firing techniques. Our experienced tutors will provide individual support to help you develop and refine your hand-built and wheel-thrown creations.

As with the Introduction course, you'll get the opportunity to take part in an exhibition in a professional gallery space. Such an exciting opportunity!

The cost of these 7 week courses are £185. To book your place, email hello@weststudios.co.uk or call 01246 500799.

Silversmithing and Jewellery Making Course

Silversmithing Course

Oooh! Jewellery! If you're anything like me and very picky about how your jewellery should look, why not design and make some of your own? Starting on Tuesday 10th April from 9am - 12pm, every Tuesday, this 10 week course will guide you through the traditional craft of Silversmithing to create wonderful pieces of art and wearable pieces of jewellery. The sessions are suitable for all abilities as one-to-one guidance will be provided throughout.

At college we have some of the best facilities in the area; you'll learn in our specialist workshops, covering units such as silversmithing materials, jewellery techniques and silversmithing processes.

This course also runs on Thursday evenings, 6pm - 9pm, each Thursday, for 10 weeks.

The cost of these 10 week courses are £205. To book your place, email hello@weststudios.co.uk or call 01246 500799.

Advanced Lino Print

An introduction to Print: Collagraph & Lino. This course starts on Thursday 12th April, every Thursday.

This is our new 5 week course running on a Thursday evening, 6pm-9pm at a cost of £135. Work with print specialist and explore the print room, focusing on Collagraph and Lino. This intro course will build your confidence and give you experience working with different print techniques. This course is ideal for beginners who are looking to learn new intaglio and stencil techniques. During this course you’ll be guided by our expert tutors who can provide one-to-one support and offer advice.

To book your place email hello@weststudios.co.uk or call us on 01246 500799

We also have Intermediate level Print: Lino, Collagraph & Mono which starts on Thursday 17th May, every Thursday.

For those who have tried printmaking before, work with our print specialist to create more complicated and focused pieces using these 3 techniques. A 5 week course running a Thursday evening, 6pm-9pm. During this course you’ll work closely with our experienced tutors to learn new lino, collograph and mono skills. 

To book your place on the course email us hello@weststudios.co.uk or call 01246 500799


Our Photography course will start on Monday 9th April, every Monday from 6pm - 9pm. This 10 week course is ideal for both beginners and those looking to build on their existing skills. During the sessions you'll develop your photography skills and knowledge through hands-on practical experience using our extensive digital andtraditional phptography facilities, including our very own dark room.

Our industry-experienced tutors will guide you through modules including photography materials, camera techniques, dark room and print processes, didtial editing, studio work, experimenting with light and creative practice.

With access to basic materials and cameras provided, this is a great opportunity. 

The cost of this 10 week course is £190. To book your place, email hello@weststudios.co.uk or call 01246 500799


We also offer a 10 week course on Photoshop. This course is designed to complement your interests and equip you with the skills you'll need to excel in digital design, photo editing and image manipulation. Studying in our specialist editing suite you'll use our state-of-the-art equipment to focus on cloning and stamping, image resolution, retouching, montage, filters and sharpening.

This 10 week course starts on Monday 9th April, every Monday at a cost of £190. To book your place, email hello@weststudios.co.uk or call 01246 500799.

We hope to see you at a new course very soon - new season, new hobby!