My Work Experience at West Studios

I’m Lewis and I have chosen to complete my work experience in West Studios as part of my first year at Chesterfield College, doing a level two business course. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here for almost a month.

I have been set with numerous tasks that have helped me manage my expectations of what a business environment is really like. Utilising the use of Microsoft Word and Excel documents has helped me see what it would be like in a real life situation, such as creating detailed timetables. The work experience has also helped me with handling money and reducing the cost of items inside the reception’s shop for the January sale. I have also developed customer service skills by taking a few requests from customers and showing people to the main college reception. The tasks have also helped me organise rooms for people at West Studios for room hire.

Overall the experience I have gained on the reception has been a great experience and couldn’t have found a better place to do my work experience. I would recommended other students to do their work experience at West Studios as it is very beneficial.

reception picture.jpg