'Communicate' An Exhibition by Dave Elsom

Sombrero Dave.jpg

Ahead of his exhibition starting on Friday 5th July, I asked Dave Elsom of ‘Sombrero Printmaking’ a few questions to find out what makes him tick and the inspirations behind his work.

West Studios: Hi Dave, can you tell us a bit about your background in art?

Dave Elsom: I attended college to study art in my teens but twice failed to finish the courses. Around 6 years ago I enrolled on courses at Sheffield College and studied drawing & printing, as well as printmaking. I’ve been selling my work since the end of 2017, in local shops as well as online through Etsy.

Running Multicolour Digital.jpg

West Studios: What is the name of your exhibition?

Dave: ‘Communicate’ I chose this title as there are times when I feel I can only express myself through creating things and running. They are my ways of communicating when I can’t talk.

West Studios: What materials have you used to create the work in the exhibition?

Dave: Mainly Lino and Ink. I also have photography- Digital work based on my photos & artwork.

Crosby Beach.jpg

West Studios: What have you taken inspiration from to create this exhibition?

Dave: The need to communicate, when words are struggle.

West Studios: What made you chose West Studios when deciding where you should exhibit your work?

Dave: Cos it’s brilliant! I love the feel of the place. I’ve run a couple of printmaking workshops and I enjoy the facilities.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more images and information on the exhibition! ‘Communicate’ will be on at West Studios from 5th July -26th July. A special launch evening will be held from 5pm until 8pm on 5th July. Everyone welcome!