So what is the West Studios Open Exhibition?

Advert calling out to local artists. Submission deadline has now passed.

Advert calling out to local artists. Submission deadline has now passed.

So what is the West Studios Annual Open Exhibition?

Each year, in the summer, West Studios calls out to the artists in the Chesterfield and surrounding areas. By allowing artists to submit up to three of their pieces, it creates a varied and fascinating glimpse into the talent that lies on our doorstep.


Sometimes this talent can be something that has been hidden or undiscovered for years. By having a maximum of three pieces per artist, it eliminates the need to be massively prolific with an inventory of many, many pieces to choose from. Some artists don’t realise they’re artists until they see their work on the white walls of a gallery with exhibition tags stating its title. I’ve seen it inspire people to create more and boost their confidence. Some artists have been experiencing a creative block or a feeling of overwhelm. Some more experienced artists enjoy knowing that their work is reaching more people who can enjoy it and be moved by their images.


Most of all, the Open Exhibition is accessible. Art can sometimes be given this lofty profile that puts it on an elitist pedestal. At the end of the day, if you can make a mark; on paper, clay, material, video, a computer; you have the capacity to be an artist. Art is communication from the soul and by allowing it the care, dedication and work to flow out of your mind into the real world you are allowing the enrichment of others; opening up conversation; creating a peaceful place; provoking a reaction; playing with colour; development of an idea.


The Open Exhibition gives us another view of our area and the thoughts and experiences of the people who live here. Come and have a look for yourself. Could you be exhibiting on our Gallery walls next year?

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