Monthly Edit - January

Happy New Year, everyone!

Happy 2019 Card by Duck and Peach £2.50

Happy 2019 Card by Duck and Peach £2.50

I hope you’ve all had the Christmas you all hoped for, whether that be peaceful, exciting, busy or a bit ’merry’!

Our Gallery Shop is now open again with a lovely 10% off EVERYTHING for the whole of January as a thank you to you all for your support over the last year.

You could be super-organised for next year and get some of your Christmas cards or treat yourself to something that Santa forgot to bring you…

Happy 10% Off… I mean, Happy New Year!

Happy 10% Off… I mean, Happy New Year!

Whatever you chose, you will be supporting local artists and crafters which can only be a good thing.

This month’s Edit is a slightly different format. I have not collected all the items together; I thought it would be nice for you to take a leisurely stroll through the shop and spot them all. I have chosen very calming items from the shop so we can relax after all the hectic weeks from the build up to Christmas.

First up we have a few colouring books by local artists:

Left to Right:

‘Stuff to Colour’ by Anna Hargraves, ‘The Big Toy Car Colouring Book’ by Octavia Inns, ‘Slime Farts’ by Jon Boam

There has been scientific research in New Zealand that suggests that the mindful act of colouring in can actually aid positive mental health even in as short a time as just 10 minutes per day - a perfect antidote to the craziness of December and New Year, then!

Treescape Print by Martin Davis £50

Treescape Print by Martin Davis £50

If you prefer someone else to do the art rather than yourself, we have some beautiful prints and original artwork in the Gallery Shop. This one above is by Martin Davis.

Starting on Friday 11th January we have an exhibition by Martin Davis and Susan Tracey. Come down and have a stroll around the Studio and Gallery Shop. It’d be lovely to see you.